Oct 31

Flooring Contractor Says – “We Close 50% of Leads and are #1 in the Search Engines”

Dear Contractor Internet Marketing:


I was talking to one of my customers who I do floors for.  He asked me how we got some of our leads.

I told him about how you built our site and optimized it.  We have been closing over 50% of the leads that come in.
We get about 10 to 15 calls a month from it plus the leads where people fill out the info sheet that you forward to us.
He seemed interested in talking to you and having you look at their current site.  He was especially surprised when his office girl searched epoxy floors on different sites and saw we were generally the first one listed.
I have forwarded him your contact information, he is very interested in getting a site like mine for his commercial painting business. We do a lot of work together, he has brought me into to several large projects at luxury car dealerships, overall its over a $100,000 a year in revenue.
This company is very important to me but I have no problem referring you as your service and results have always been top notch.
Chuck Miller
Marathon Epoxy Flooring